The little hack that saved me €10.000 on marketing software.

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One thing – infinite email addresses.

Having more than one email address is rather common in this day and age – heck, I got around 10 Email accounts that I’m (almost) actively using.

But with numerous mailboxes, it is easy to lose oversight. For example: I have one work email, one email account that I use just for saas billing, one I use to sign up for newsletters; another one for freebies (god knows how much we marketers love free things) and lastly, one for unlimited trial services and products…

😉 HINT: the blog title “The little hack that saved me €10.000 on marketing software” is a reference to exactly this. So let’s have it, what’s the “little hack” all about?

How can one email address help you save your hard-earned money?!

Example scenario: You browse the web and you see a SaaS solution you like, and they are offering a 2-week full trial of their service. You use your email to sign up and you get to max out these 2-weeks. After 14 days you receive an email from the company saying:

If you liked the product you can take your credit card out and buy yourself a monthly subscription plan for €299/month. OR….you can use another email to get another 14 days on the clock.

So, remember you got those 10 email accounts, right?

Let’s do the math: That’ll give you around 140 days of being cheap and stingy; that’s around 4,6 months and it translates in a saving of €1.375,4.

After you maxed out your 10 email accounts you can buy the €299/monthly subscription, but you don’t want that as we’re all stingy and we like using things we can’t always afford. So you start thinking and you realize you can set up new email accounts. You don’t want that either though as you can’t afford time either.

For all the n+10 sign-ups, you are getting n+10 password setups, n+10 Newsletters, n+10 product, and feature updates, n+10 “it’s been a while, we miss you…we have a special offer for you”. No bueno!

No bueno!

So, congratulations, you saved precious money you can put into advertising or anything else but spammed all your accounts.

That’s obviously not the purpose of the article. What we want to achieve is to save money without spamming all your accounts & making a huge mess of it all.

Thankfully, Gmail offers a way out of this chaos. And it’s called Google Mail Alias.

Google’s Mail Alias feature is a very powerful tool that can keep your email account organized and clean. For example, you can turn a single Gmail address into a disposable email, create multiple accounts on the same portal, or create as many email categories as you like.

For example: the email address ‘[email protected]’ is your main email address.
With Google Mail you can create an alias like ‘[email protected]’.
Both count as the same email address to Google. As do all other variations with different positions of the dot in the name. Similarly, you can add a ‘+’ and a suffix to your email address, without Google differentiating your main and new account. And the best part of it all is that many saas tools treat each email as a unique email.

So you can see where this is going, right?

Essentially, this means that you can “change” your email address infinitely without using more than one mailbox. Neat!


How else can this be of an advantage to you?

Websites, social media platforms, and forums recognize the various email addresses to be different. That means that you can set up numerous accounts connected to a single mailbox, which is helpful if you are managing a business and a personal account, for example.

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Furthermore, using several email addresses connected to one Gmail account can help keep your mailbox organized. Even though Google recognizes all the various email addresses to be connected to the same Gmail account, it still filters emails by which email address exactly was the recipient. That means that you can filter your mailbox by the email addresses you sign up with for certain services. As well as adding the newsletter categories, you can add anything you can think of & categorize your mailbox.

Do this by creating a filter in your settings.

When you open up the settings screen, you will find the category “Filters and blocked addresses”. In this tab, you can click on create a “new filter”, and a window will pop up. Enter the email address you have chosen into the ‘to’ field.

If you want to, you can apply other criteria as well. Once you are done with it, click on proceed. In that next window, you can decide what you want to do with any email you receive, that matches the criteria from before. Click apply a label and then just add/select the new label.

Next up, click skip mailbox if you do not want the emails to appear in your mailbox. Finally, create your filter. A convenient application of this feature is that you can create a trash email address. Add the suffix ‘+trash’ to your normal account name and use this address for services that require your email address and are known to send unnecessary emails. By creating a new filter and clicking delete instead of applying a label, the messages sent to ‘[email protected]’ will be transferred to the bin immediately, where they will be deleted after thirty days.

As you now know, Google Mails Alias offers a lot of use cases. We as marketers know that sometimes you just need to work within a budget & that can limit you. However, we all know that innovation comes exactly in times like these when you are limited & need to look for alternative solutions. So if you are a marketer on a budget then this little hack is for you.

I hope this managed to both help you, but also make you smile! If you are a marketer on a budget who’s out there hustling, feel free to reach out on LinkedIN and ask me anything.

Stefan Markov

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