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Stefan is our Head of Growth & he spends 80% of his time on finding ways to make growth happen for our clients & learning new things. The remaining 20% he spends on football, gaming, and well, living life! He will most likely beat you at FIFA, but he can also teach you the dark arts of marketing! Oh, he is also super chill, calm and likes to think of himself as “the normal one”.

[INFOGRAPHIC INSIDE] Marketing KPIs your team needs to track at all times

Marketing KPIs you need to track at all times

For the ones who came in for the Infographic only, it’s at the very bottom of the page.  First off what are marketing KPIs? It might be obvious, but let’s get the definitions right first and then move on. After all, I still remember my early days in marketing when I had to Google what ARPU stands for during a meeting… Anyways, what is a Marketing KPI? A quick Google search (and we know...